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Basics of web development

For any crafts, certain rules are characterized, the understanding of which makes the carrier skills professional. As well as a doctor who learned a lot about diseases, but I ignoring the basic principles of their treatment will never achieve a vocation - and a web developer who does not follow unwritten rules for handling the future product will not succeed. The whole point is not only to be able to make up the pages and create web applications, but also to do it trend and qualitatively.

Thousands of people in the world daily make their first steps in web development. But if you neglect the dogmas at the start of training or professional career, you can never become a sensible developer who knows how to create a right design with good usability. Today we will tell about some moments that will help choose a course of development not only to "Padavans" Web, but also those who consider themselves "Jedi".

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Fashion in every sphere

And the web development is no exception. However, fashion trends have a logical background (high fashion does not count :)). In the world of clothing trends are caused by geographic coordinates and culture, while in developing web products a decisive factor is custom devices that will display the result of web development.

Here is a brief list of what the developer must follow:

  • Follow the design trends and apply them in their works
  • Apply the latest web development technologies
  • Constantly improve your level of knowledge

Below we will talk about other things that the beginner web developer should know. Success in this business depends on them.

Knowledge is power!

To be a good developer, only the principles, of course, little. The foundation makes knowledge, to extract which is difficult and preferably. It is said that someone is more predisposed to the development, someone less. But practice shows that on average, newcomers spend an equal number of hours to receive a particular skill.

So, if you have a lot of time to solve any problem or assimilation of the material, then know - there are millions around you the same as you. What you need to know every web developer:

  1. Graphic editor. No matter how popular the players are popular, you need a person who creates a web design. It is thanks to the initial layout that the future appearance of the page and application is created. If you want to develop as a web developer, you cannot get around such a barrier as Photoshop or Illustrator. They will pursue you, therefore it is better to adapt than to resist;
  2. Good old HTML / CSS. No matter how much constructors create for "kettles", the normal product will not create on them. You need to understand how the principles browser displays information, and how to embed certain solutions into it. Because if you are just at the beginning of the way, then without marking and style tables you can not do (and if you are already a professional who thrives without this knowledge, then you must contact us - a relic look should be documented :));
  3. JavaScript - without him, like without hands. It creates not only interactive moments, but is capable of much greater. With the help of scripts, you can automate the processes and make a complex easy. Other modern programming languages ​​such as Python, PHP and C # are also successfully applicable. It is like a page size, only on the contrary: the more, the better;

And it only started. Then there will be more information. Continue reading if you want to be successful.

A competitor is always ahead

And a beginner developer, and a professional should be assimilated - training ends at the time of retirement. This statement is true for professions in general, but for IT it applies well. Every day new products come out, making developments solutions faster and more efficient.

This industry never sleeps: it is a progress engine that will never stop, therefore you need to realize - if you started learning today, then this process should never stop. It is the synthesizing constant self-education and practice that can achieve recognition and good labor monetization.

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Do easy and colorful

If simple websites and applications used earlier popularity, the main advantage of which was their content (articles, video, images, etc.), today every page on the network is a real work of art. For example, if the web developer in 2005 saw the modern business card website of the ordinary startup, it would seem to him too "weighty".

When the Internet was young, the connection is slow, and the PC is low-performance, the content in the network should have been appropriate. If you remember, in the same distance 2005th, the connection speed of 1 MB / C was considered luxury. Now, even mobile operators can offer significantly more, not to mention the fiber optic connection.

Yes, today it is confidently said that it became fashionable to make colorful sites and web applications. And the brighter and interactively there will be the results of the development, the more attractive the product will be in general.

But it is not necessary to neglect one of the basic rules: "The smaller the better." Modern pages can weigh up to 3 megabytes (averaged value) - but if you optimize content up to 1-1.5, the user with much more enthusiasm will visit it in the first and second time. Moreover, the slow connection is still found everywhere.

On this we finish our short mentoring for small and large. We will not touch the topic ahead more than once - the rules are much more than it seems. In addition, there is a large amount of knowledge with which you need to get acquainted in order to work successfully in the Web!

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    Anderson G. Dec 23, 2020 at 9:30 am

    Thanks for your article! I am a beginner developer and I learned a lot of new things. I will try to stick to your advice and constantly improve your skills. I highly recommend all the beginners to apply the above tips.

    1. Alt Text
      Harry S. Dec 23, 2020 at 10:30 am

      Thank you so much! You pleasantly surprised me by writing such a good article. I am sure that the article will be useful to many developers and those who want to succeed in this area.

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